Friday, 4 February 2011

More 3D Fractals

Again, I'm uploading fractals. Unfortunately, because of techical reasons, I won't be able to show everything I meant to share. It seems the server decided to hate one of the pictures and simply gives me a "server rejected" message. I'll try to investigate the cause but if any of you knows anything about why an image would not be allowed to be uploaded, feel free to share the info.

Usually, after I'm done with rendering and exporting, I edit the image in Photoshop, adjusting various settings and playing around with the sliders and variables.  The software's different types of adjustment layers makes it much easier to experiment on multiple levels, without the fear of having to start all over again of a serious mistake is made.

As you can see with these two, a hue/saturation and a color balance layers can make a huge difference.

The top one didn't turn out to be as good, because it needed to be blurred in order to make the unrendered parts less visible, since it was exported at an earlier rendering stage.

More sharpness, warmer and more vibrant colors and the fact that it's completely rendered, made this second edit of the fractal much more eye-pleasing than the first one.

This last one is pretty lame but I'm uploading it anyways.

All of the above were made using Incendia 1.3. If you're interested, you can check out it's official site here.


  1. the first picture is cool , i tooke it.
    i will follow you for more.

  2. Heh, I actually find the last one the best. It has that whole cave looking atmosphere to it, as if you were entrapped in a hidden location. The first one looks like a warp hole, and the next two look like strokes of paint. Very cool indeed.

  3. wow I didn't know stuff like this existed, nice find.

  4. Loving this style. Haven't seen it much before. Thank you.

  5. The last one was quite nice actually. It looked like jagged rocks.

  6. Wow, that fractal generator you linked is free. My favorite price.