Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Damn You, Weather!!!

That's 0 degrees C and it feels like -5 C.

Ok, I am majorly pissed right now. Everybody knows the weather has always been a bitch to us all the time but this… this is completely ridiculous. Let me tell you why.

Today, the 13th of April, started out cloudy, rather cold and windy. Around mid-day temperatures started rising to a point where it could have been considered warm. But as the day came to an end, it started to get very cold very fast. Normally I wouldn't care, because the weather has been like that pretty much the whole week but tonight I look through my window and guess what! IT’S FUCKING SNOWING!

And it’s not just a bunch of tiny snowflakes falling out of the sky. Oh no- everything is getting bombarded by huge chunks of white like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the middle of April and I live in a humid continental climatic region where shit like that has never happened during my lifetime and below zero temperatures during this time of the year definitely aren’t normal.

But today's snow was just the icing of the cake. I’m mad because the weather has been absolute shit for the last 5 months with the exception of a few sunny days and I’ve been eagerly waiting all this time to get off my lazy ass and finally do something productive outdoors. But I guess it’s just going to be more video games, internet and food for me from now on, since I don’t see the weather getting any better anytime soon.

It’s times like this I wish global warming actually existed and HAARP was actually a global weather control device.

Anyways, I’m done complaining. Here’s some rhythmic yodeling to make you feel better:


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Light Painting

Hi there! How are you all doing? I'm posting some light paining photos I made a while ago I decided you should take a look at. Of course, they're nothing too serious, since they're not exactly light paintings- just some random shakings of my light source. It's sort of a little experimenting I've done with exposure time, a dark room and a flashlight. Enjoy!