Friday, 4 February 2011

HDR Photos

As I mentioned in my very first post, I am a photography enthusiast. Amateur, of course. I like to experiment and try out new shit.

HDR, for example, is something I wanted to try out the first time I found out about it. The problem is, many of my first tries resulted in complete and total failure. That is because My DSLR camera doesn't have a bracketing feature (the ability to make multiple shots, each with different aperture/shutter speed values) and a proper HDR merge in Photoshop requires no camera movement whatsoever. So I needed either a tripod or a steady flat surface to place the camera on and extra caution when messing with the settings to alter the exposure.

This one is far from perfect but I'd call it my first successful one. Camera was simply placed on the desk with it's lens lifted up by a stack of books to get a proper angle. Took me only 4 shots to merge.

For this time I used a steady tripod and was made with, I think, 7 shots. Considering it's a night photograph, the most exposed picture had a time value of more than 30 second, as I tried too keep the ISO low.

Both photos were taken with the Canon EOS 550D and the single lens which comes with the camera- a 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 EFS with AF and an image stabilizer.


  1. Post more of these HDR photo's!
    These photo's look good.

  2. HDR lighting effects can provide some beautiful scenes.... seems like you've captured some of them!

  3. That first one looks very professional, good job!

  4. Love the blog name, very unique. Nice post too!